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Edelstein Dreieck Crystal and Sage

Unity of body - soul - spirit: crystal triangles

Meaning of the crystal triangle as a symbol The triangle as a geometric symbol stands for a unit - for body, soul and spirit in connection with the power and... Read More

Manifest with Gems

Your energy creates your reality - how can gemstones help you with this? Not only do crystals look beautiful and mesmerizing, they also have an uplifting effect on us. Gemstones... Read More
Manifestieren mit Edelsteinen
Wirkung von Edelsteinen

How you can use the effects of gemstones for yourself

The fascination of crystals and precious stones Crystals are simply fascinating - almost impossible to comprehend with the mind. There are over 380 different types of gemstones. Each one is... Read More

Aventurine gives self-confidence, joie de vivre and calm

Aventurine jewelry for the soul The leaf-green aventurine is traditionally counted among the mineral quartz. The gemstone with microcrystalline inclusions of fuchsite, mica or hematite can create a strong sparkle.... Read More
Aventurin Ohrringe
Amethyst Ring von Crystal and Sage

The amethyst strengthens meditation and mental clarity

The fascinating gemstone amethyst Today we introduce you to the beautiful and popular gemstone amethyst. Its alluring violet is unique among the quartz family, and it is precisely this gemstone... Read More