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Incense, Japanese incense sticks and gemstones for Crystal Grids

Smoking with natural herbs, resins and Palo Santo

With our gemstones you can design your altar at home or put them together for crystal mandalas or crystal grids. Our chakra stones are suitable for chakra work to harmonize the individual chakras and for your energy work. Our high-quality smoked goods for smoking on rough nights or in the course of the year are carefully selected and made only from pure natural substances, without animal testing. Do you like it more delicately scented? Our Japanese incense sticks are very high-quality incense made from herbs, spices, cinnamon, sandalwood and flowers, which are vegan and come from fair cultivation.

Our incense is also natural with no additives.

Healing stones and high-quality incense for magic nights


Our Palo Santo incense comes from sustainable mining in Ecquador and is well suited for fumigation of negative energies from your rooms or for the rough nights. We only use the finest incense, such as white sage or premium incense from Oman, as well as fine Japanese and natural incense sticks. All without synthetic additives or obtrusive fragrance. Our organic incense blend Love and Harmony has a heart-opening and relaxing effect. It is perfect for incense at women's circles, during moon ceremonies, as incense for the annual cycle, at Samhain or for the magical rough nights.


Pure natural incense: Japanese incense sticks, premium incense and white sage


With our white sage you can fumigate your apartment energetically or use it to smoke for the rough nights. Considered a pure positive plant, white sage attracts positive energies and clears consciousness. When smoking sage, a delicate, holy scent is created, which frees us from inherited burdens and foreign energies.

Our premium incense from Oman boswellia sacra is one of the best types of incense in the world. Our incense is natural without additives and can be burned gently with an incense burner. During the smoking on the rough nights, the incense develops its lemony-fresh scent, but the incense also smells wonderful when it is cold, thanks to the high content of essential oils. Frankincense has not only spiritual effects, but also medicinal ones. The resin of the frankincense has an anti-inflammatory, cleaning, disinfecting and mood-enhancing effect. Its fine lemony scent helps against depression and anxiety and is a gateway to the soul. Frankincense was considered a gift from kings. Hardly any incense ritual can do without incense with the resin of the olive tree. The frankincense Boswellia sacra is said to have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing effect. For incense, take the incense resin and gently heat it over a suitable incense burner for incense.


Incense in the annual circle for the sensual expansion of consciousness


The special quality and mildness of the gentle scents of Japanese incense is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. The ethereal, mild and warm fragrance compositions find their way into our lives and lift our spirits. While smoking incense, with its delicate lemony scent, has fascinated us for many years. A wonderful ritual for the rough nights, on Samhain for smoking in the annual cycle or in between.