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Edelstein Dreieck Crystal and Sage

Unity of body - soul - spirit: crystal triangles

Meaning of the crystal triangle as a symbol The triangle as a geometric symbol stands for a unit - for body, soul and spirit in connection with the power and... Read More

Crystal Grids - pure healing stone energy

Crystal Grids and Crystal Mandalas Crystal Grids or Crystal Mandalas are a wonderful way to get in touch with the gems and crystals and action and to use them. They... Read More
Crystal Grids - Heilsteinenergie pur
Aventurin Ohrringe

Aventurine gives self-confidence, joie de vivre and calm

Aventurine jewelry for the soul The leaf-green aventurine is traditionally counted among the mineral quartz. The gemstone with microcrystalline inclusions of fuchsite, mica or hematite can create a strong sparkle.... Read More