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Gold plated citrine necklace

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Gold plated citrine gemstone necklace

Gold plated citrine necklace on an approximately 75cm gold plated curb chain by Crystal and Sage.

The citrine is also called "lemon stone" and "success stone" and shimmers wonderfully golden - like the sun. A citrine necklace helps to find the right steps and decisions in career. The golden-yellow gemstone stands for abundance and success in life and for the solar plexus chakra.

Citrine stands for abundance, courage and vitality

A citrus necklace with its optimistic golden yellow color welcomes us into life and represents courage and vitality. The gemstone is the perfect stone against lack of motivation and promotes strength and decisiveness.

  • Gold plated citrine necklace
  • Pendant about 3.5 cm
  • 75 cm long gold-plated, nickel-free and stable curb chain
  • Necklace comes in a gift box
  • Free shipping