Sensual gemstone chains and natural smoked goods

Sinnliche Edelsteinketten und naturreine Räucherware

White sage with lavender, large

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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White sage is a powerful cleansing plant. Sage as a smudge stick for smoking has a strong cleansing and clarifying effect. It is considered a purely positive plant. With its aromatic scent, white sage expels negative energies, attracts positive ones and clears the consciousness. The incense rids us of all kinds of attachments and purifies the mind.

Lavender adds a calming and loving effect.

Light the incense bundle carefully until the sage smokes and exudes its fine scent. White sage cleans rooms, precious stones or people - go your rooms counter-clockwise along the walls and furniture and also smoke in the corners, then ventilate well. Sage for smoking is very suitable for the rough nights and for smoking in between. Squeeze out in a bowl of sand. A white sage bundle for incense from California

  • A white sage bundle for incense from California
  • Lavender for a harmonizing, relaxing component
  • approx. 68 g, enough for many house cleanings and fumigations
  • Note: Squeeze out in an incense bowl with sand
  • From sustainable cultivation
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