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Japanese incense sticks Chouwa - balance

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Fine Japanese incense sticks made from flowers, herbs and wood

Chouwa incense balance balance spreads an airy, fine almond blossom scent of herbs and flowers. The Japanese incense sticks conjure up an atmosphere of well-being and balance.

Japanese incense sticks are considered to be very high-quality incense and are traditionally made in small factories from natural materials without additives. They are not obtrusive, but flowery, mild and delicately scented.

  • Made from almond blossoms, herbs and flowers
  • Pure natural substances, fair, vegan, free of animal testing
  • Special quality and gentle, mild scent of Japanese incense
  • Without wood core
  • Net content: about 28 sticks
  • Burn time: approx. 30 minutes per stick
  • Including shipping costs within Germany