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Rose quartz necklace Rosy silver and gold plated

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Gold-plated or silver-plated necklace with rose quartz on a 75 cm long, real gold-plated tombac curb chain (tombak is a high-quality metal alloy of copper and zinc).

  • Each piece is unique. The colors vary slightly.
  • Dimensions pendant: about 4 cm
  • Chain length 75 cm
  • the rose quartz comes from fair trade
  • Each order comes with a small card about the effects of rose quartz.

Its fine vibrations have a particular effect on the heart chakra and harmonize the heart rhythm. The rose quartz is a stone that strengthens our inner needs for love and beauty. It increases compassion and promotes harmonious coexistence.

A rose quartz necklace has an invigorating effect on our creative thoughts and imagination. It strengthens the feeling of belonging to our partner and to nature. The rose quartz protects children from mental injuries when it is worn on the body. After a disappointed love, a crystal necklace with rose quartz gives us support and makes it easier to let go. In a partnership, the gem strengthens the love between two people who are beginning to alienate each other. A gemstone necklace with rose quartz helps to create a new, unprejudiced relationship with one another.

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