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Large Rauhnachts package for smoking for the 12 Rauhnachts or for smoking in the annual cycle

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Räucherpaket for smoking for the rough nights or in the annual cycle

With this lovingly selected incense and the marble incense burner for the rough nights, you are fully equipped to carry out magical rough nights rituals for the 12 rough nights.

Our frankincense is the best type of frankincense available and comes from wild collection in Oman. The incense is natural and without additives, with a lot of essential oil. Frankincense has an anti-inflammatory, cleansing, analgesic and mood-enhancing effect.

The incense burner / incense burner is perfect for gently burning incense and resins such as Dammar or incense mixtures such as our organic incense mixture "Love and Harmony". The incense is not burned, but gently heated by the candle. At the same time, the incense burner is also an aroma lamp for essential oils.

For powdery or easily combustible incense, you can place an empty tea light on the sieve.

Smoking on the magical rough nights

Our Palo Santo comes from sustainable cultivation in Peru and is a purely positive plant that clears you of negative energies. The white sage for smoking comes from wild growth in North America and clears your rooms of negative energies . For this, before the rough nights, smoke down your whole house, even in the corners. You can also smoke animals and fellow human beings briefly with white sage or palo santo.

The Japanese incense sticks are considered to be of very high quality and are made from pure natural substances, flowers, herbs and spices in a fair, vegan and animal-free manner. You can also light these during the day during the rough nights.

  • Marble incense burner with golden flower of life , with sieve for incense and bowl for essential oils, height 12 cm, width 9 cm
  • 4 double crochet Palo Santo
  • 1 White Sage Stick
  • 1 glass tube of natural incense with a cork stopper, 28 g
  • 1 organic incense mixture love and harmony in the Glass tubes, 28 g
  • 2 packs of Japanese incense sticks , also for smoking during the day
  • 1 incense stick holder made of wood with golden brass elements, various motifs
  • Unit price for everything 89 euros, including shipping costs within Germany