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Palo Santo

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Palo Santo comes from trees of the Balsamaceae family, which also includes the frankincense tree and the myrrh tree. Since the Inca era, the balsamic tree Palo Santo has mainly been used as incense for the rough nights or for ceremonies or as an essential oil. The Palo Santo harvest is strictly regulated by the governments of Peru, Mexico and Ecuador.

Our producer of Palo Santo supports nature with reforestation.

Only dead wood may be used. Palo Santo has been used for incense on a physical or energetic level for thousands of years. Light the incense on one side and wave yourself or your rooms with the resulting balsamic smoke.

  • 4 large Palo Santo chopsticks depending on size
  • Dimensions: approx. up to 11 cm
  • Note: Ignite and let smolder, then squeeze out sand in an incense bowl