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Lapis lazuli necklace as a triangle

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Lapis lazuli necklace with a silver or gold plated lapis lazuli triangle on a 45 cm long gold plated curb chain

The lapis lazuli is all the stronger the more intense the blue is.

  • Dimensions pendant: 2.5 cm
  • the lapis lazuli comes from fair trade
  • the curb chain is produced in Germany

Lapis lazuli is considered the stone of kings. It opens the mind, sharpens the mind and enchants the room with its blue light. As the "stone of the rulers" the lapis lazuli helps to stand up for oneself and one's own views. It is therefore well suited as part of talk therapy. A lapis lazuli necklace brings life into harmony and agreement with larger contexts and the spiritual world. It opens the way to consciousness.

With a lapis lazuli, daily work is easier to do and it helps you to get up early. Dreams can be well remembered with a lapis lazuli and often have a mystical but at the same time logical component (lucid dreams).

A lapis lazuli necklace promotes spiritual growth, a sense of community, self-confidence, resourcefulness, determination and the ability to think.

The triangle embodies a geometric unit. A triangle chain made of crystals unites body, soul and spirit with the effect of the precious stone. The downward pointing triangle stands for the earthly connection, the earth energy and the connection and connectedness to earth, it causes earthly forces.

The lapis lazuli is the birthstone for Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius.