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Poster flower of life, pastel and gold

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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This poster with the flower of life is designed in beautiful pastel colors and gold. You can use it as a poster for the wall or as a basis for your Crystal Grid and Crystal Mandala. The flower of life is a magical primal symbol, an ornament. The pattern of 19 circles is called the symbol of the cosmic order.

Poster with the Flower of Life: a symbol of the cosmic order

The flower of life is found in many religious sites such as a mosaic in Westminster Abbey, on the pillars of the Osiris sanctuary in Egypt , in the parish church on Rügen in Altenkirchen, in a monastery in Crete, in Bulgaria and throughout Balkan etc. The symbol belongs to sacred geometry and symbolizes perfection and the harmonious measure of the earth. The spiritual poster with the flower of life promotes energy and harmony in the room. In the Kaballah teachings, the flower of life unites the chakra teachings.

The flower of life promotes energy and harmony in the room

If you look longer at the symbol, it seems to move, as if it were "alive". New images and forms emerge.

You can use the Flower of Life spiritual poster as a base for Crystal Grids or as a wall poster.

  • Powerful primal symbol of sacred geometry
  • Premium semi-gloss paper (240 g/m²)
  • Delicate warm pastel shades (sattvic colors): pink strengthens love, peace, femininity and gentleness, blue stands for clarity, harmony, contentment
  • Strengthens positive energies
  • Has a protective and harmonizing (space) effect
  • Can also be supplied with a frame on request
  • Price includes delivery, shipping time up to 5 working days