Sensual gemstone chains and natural smoked goods

Sinnliche Edelsteinketten und naturreine Räucherware

Japanese incense sticks Kyonishiki Autumn Leaves

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Fine Japanese incense sticks with sandalwood, cinnamon and patchouli made from pure natural substances

Japanese smoked goods are considered to be of very high quality and are traditionally made from natural materials without any additives.

Kyonishiki Autumn Leaves incense sticks spread a fine, warm scent, pleasantly warm, pleasantly subtle, mildly cinnamon, clear - like a beautiful autumn day. The Japanese incense stick has an invigorating and inspiring effect, even in the morning.

The Kyoto-based company is one of the oldest traditional smoked goods manufacturers in Japan. The incense sticks are manufactured under fair social standards and contain only natural ingredients, often of organic quality. The incense sticks do not require a carrier stick and therefore deliver a particularly pure fragrance. The smoked product is vegan and produced without animal testing.

  • Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Patchouli
  • Pure natural substances, fair, vegan, free of animal testing
  • Without wood core
  • Net content: 18 g, 35 sticks
  • Including shipping costs within Germany