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Rock crystal necklace as a triangle, gold plated

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Gold plated rock crystal necklace (18k) with an upright rock crystal triangle on an approximately 45 cm long gold plated curb chain

  • Pendant size: about 2 cm
  • Chain length 45 cm
  • gold-plated curb chain from Germany
  • 18k gold plating gemstone, gold filled
  • Fairly produced rock crystal
  • Map of the mountain crystal included

Effect of the crystal chain made of rock crystal

The rock crystal stands for clarity and awareness. It is considered a "Master Healing Stone", a real accelerator on the way to our clarity and to ourselves. A rock crystal necklace has a harmonizing effect on ourselves. And supports us in releasing blockages and developing our personality. It used to be available in pharmacies.

✧ Use the power and vibration of the rock crystal on the go, at work, at university or at school

Meaning crystal chain as a triangle

The triangle as a geometric symbol stands for a unit - for body, soul and spirit in connection with the effect of the healing stone. A gemstone chain as a triangle pointing up achieves increasing meaning. The triangle of crystals points towards heaven, and thus into the spiritual world.