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Amethyst triangle necklace, upright, gold plated

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Gold plated crystal necklace with a gold plated amethyst triangle

The amethyst chain on a 45 cm long real gold-plated tombac curb chain made in Germany

  • Each piece is unique.

  • Pendant dimensions: approx. 1.5 cm

  • ▽ You receive a card about the effects of the amethyst. ▽

  • Fair trade gemstone

  • Necklace made of sturdy gold-plated tombac - made in Germany

Amethyst is the stone of virtue. Amethyst was valued in ancient cultures. It is considered a sacred stone that banishes bad thoughts and gives wings to the mind. It is well suited for meditative hours.

The wearer of an amethyst can overcome grief better. An amethyst necklace promotes meditation, intuition and the awareness of God. He can strengthen friendships. When two friends trade amethysts, they remain friendly as long as they own the stones.

Amethysts protect against drunkenness - so the saying goes.

Meaning crystal chain as a triangle

The triangle as a geometric symbol stands for a unit - for body, soul and spirit in connection with the effect of the healing stone. A gemstone necklace as a triangle pointing up has an increasing meaning and effect. The triangle of crystals points towards heaven, and thus into the spiritual world.