Sensual gemstone chains and natural smoked goods

Agate Moon Necklace

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Agate gemstone necklace with a moon

The gold-plated or silver-plated agate necklace comes with a gray to beige agate moon with a crystal druse on an approx. 75 cm long, real gold-plated curb chain.

Dimensions pendant: approx. 3 cm, will vary slightly

♡ Unique ♡

The agate stands for protection, strength and harmony. It balances Yin-Yan energy, encourages, heals and calms. It strengthens creativity and intellect and is therefore particularly effective in business life. An agate necklace also has a positive effect on creative people and students.

Agate weakens envy by grounding feelings and emotions. He helps to take things as they are.