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Poster Metatron's Cube, pastel and gold

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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The poster with Metatron's Cube is printed with environmentally friendly digital printing inks, on certified recycled paper with a high degree of whiteness (Blue Angel, FSC, Paper by Nature, Ökoplus) and sent with climate-neutral shipping.

Metatron's Cube is one of the most powerful energy symbols in Sacred Geometry. It describes the understanding of reality in geometric form. The symbol has a high vibration and can give strength in all areas of life. Where Metatron's cube is applied, it radiates its effect. A meditation under Metraton's cube promotes understanding and connection to a higher order and has a balancing effect between reason and emotion.

Metatron's Cube - a powerful symbol of the cosmic order

From a further development of the well-known flower of life, the energetic pattern of the so-called fruit of life arises. Then 13 circle centers are connected, showing the male counterpart to the flower of life, which stands for femininity, in the form of Metatron's cube.

The namesake of the geometric shape, Metatron, is one of the highest angels. From its unique power comes the strength of the Metatron's Cube symbol. He is the guardian of the throne of God and thus stands on the threshold between divine being and material creation. Its task is the transmission of the divine plan in the form of sacred geometry.

Poster featuring Metatron's Cube: a basic pattern of creation

Metatron's Cube is a powerful information system and fundamental creation pattern of the universe. The original symbol connects the three-dimensional images of 5 platonic bodies. The tetrahedron, the hexahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. Each represents one of the elements: fire, earth, air, ether, and water.

Symbols of sacred geometry such as the flower of life can be found in many religious sites, such as in Westminster Abbey as a mosaic, on the pillars of the Osiris sanctuary in Egypt, in the parish church on Rügen in Altenkirchen, in a monastery on Crete, in Bulgaria and throughout the Balkans etc. The Sacred Geometry poster symbolizes perfection and the harmonious measure of the earth. The spiritual poster with the flower of life promotes energy and harmony in the room. In the Kaballah teachings, the flower of life unites the chakra teachings.

If you look longer at the symbol, it seems to move, as if it were "alive". New images and forms emerge.

You can use the spiritual poster as a basis for Crystal Grids or as a wall poster.

- Powerful primal symbol
- Brilliant digital print with environmentally friendly latex paint
- Satin photo paper 240g, high-quality photo paper with a satin finish
- Climate-neutral shipping with ecological and recyclable packaging
- Delicate warm pastel tones: pink strengthens love, peace, femininity and gentleness, blue stands for clarity, harmony, contentment
- Strengthens positive energies
- Has a high vibration and a protective and harmonizing (space) effect
- Shipping time up to 5 working days