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Leo Bags, Candles and Posters Sacred Geometry

Leo bags made of cotton

Here you will find a selection of leo bags made of robust canvas with an all-over leo print in trendy colours. The practical large shopping bags are perfect for shopping, for the beach, for yoga, for the stroller, as a travel bag or for university. The colorful Acid Leo print of the bags is a stylish eye-catcher.

Spiritual Energy Images: Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube

Our designed posters from the fascinating sacred geometry, such as the flower of life, Metatron's cube or yin and yang. You can also use the spiritual murals as a basis for Crystal Grids and Crystal Mandalas.

Sacred Geometry has roots dating back thousands of years from ancient mathematics and is regarded as a doctrine of wisdom. The flower of life, yin and yang or Metatron's cube are powerful energy images and primal symbols with a high vibrational energy and one of the strongest energetic symbols. Sacred Geometry combines science with spirituality and are fundamental patterns of creation. Sacred Geometry depictions are often found in religious sites, in churches and in monasteries. They harmonize the spatial effect. When you meditate under the Flower of Life poster, you gain a deep understanding of the higher order – mind and emotions balance.

Sacred Geometry posters: science and spirituality united

The geometric shapes are often found in ancient cultural sites such as churches, temples and pyramids. Depictions of the flower of life have been found, for example, in Westminster Abbey as a mosaic, on the pillars of the Osiris sanctuary in Egypt , in the parish church on Rügen in Altenkirchen, in a monastery on Crete, in Bulgaria and throughout the Balkans.

Poetry is an exact science, like geometry . Gustave Flaubert