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I'm Linda from Berlin, mom and Hatha Yoga teacher. I founded Crystal and Sage in 2013 out of a love for gemstones. When I was young, I used the macramé technique to make jewelry. I am fascinated by the beauty, the effect and the uniqueness of the crystals.

Precious stones are wonderful sources of energy and belong to the primordial elements of the universe. With Crystal and Sage I would like to show the beauty of gemstones in the form of stylish and sensual crystal jewelry and encourage the use of gemstones in everyday life, e.g. in the form of Crystal Grids. Feel free to join my Facebook group .
Crystal and Sage combines valuable gemstone jewelery in a stylish and feminine way to create a unique mix. Our gemstone necklaces stand for magic, lightness and joie de vivre. Inspired by nature, urban life and a creative lifestyle, we create our jewelry with love, joy and a spiritual twist. Everyone is allowed to live and show their uniqueness.
Our crystal jewelry is unique in its uniqueness and roughness. Showing the originality and authenticity of the stones is intentional.
The necklaces used have been produced in Germany for 70 years and are gold-plated or silver-plated ball or curb chains in tombac quality. Tombak is a high-quality metal alloy with a high proportion of copper and zinc. Due to its optical and physical properties, it is very similar to gold, stable and durable.
Our healing stones come from a small Brazilian family production where the workers are paid fairly. There the pieces of jewelery are processed according to our designs. They are 18k gold plated (gold filled) or silver plated.
We donate part of our income to animal and environmental protection organizations, check here where we are involved.
We are vegan. We do not use any animal components such as feathers or leather. For ecological reasons, we use shipping packaging several times and work with an eco-bank and with natural electricity.

With our all-natural incense such as premium incense and Japanese incense sticks without additives, we would like to introduce you to the ancient, healing and beneficial ritual of incense.
Nature creates nothing without meaning. Aristotle
Use the power of the crystals.