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Gemstone consultation and crystal layout

Together we will find your precious stone, your personal companion as a necklace, earring, bracelet or as a crystal grid (crystal mandala), hand charm or obelisk

Individual gemstone advice

With the advice on gemstones and healing stones, I would like to give you a space to find your own personal gemstone. Gemstones are wonderful companions who can support you individually.

Discover your soul plan with healing stones

The healing stones can help you gain insight into your soul plan and how you can live your mission here on earth. The gemstones can give you strength in everyday life and confidence or give you clarity about your next steps. They are often the little impetus we need to break new ground.

The science of healing stones has not been adequately researched and documented. However, those who can feel subtle energies will feel the gentle vibrations of the gemstones.

It's about a playful handling of the stones, using them again and accepting them. The closer the stones are to you, the better.

Together we go into silence and tune in. We look in which areas of life you would like support.