Sensual gemstone chains and natural smoked goods

Sinnliche Edelsteinketten und naturreine Räucherware

Labradorite decoration by Crystal and Sage

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Beautifully cut obelisk-shaped labradorite for your altar or as a spiritual decoration at home - optionally with a white sage stick or three small Palo Santo sticks for incense.
The labradorite promotes creative imagination, innovative thinking and stimulates the imagination. The labradorite shimmers in delicate green and gray colors.
White sage as a smudge stick has a cleansing and clarifying effect. With its aromatic scent, it drives away negative energies and cleans rooms, precious stones or people, then ventilate well. Light the incense stick carefully until the sage smokes properly. Squeeze out in a bowl of sand.

The Palo Santo (holy wood) is said to have healing powers and the conversion of negative energies into positive ones. Its origin is the forest regions of Peru and Ecuador. The spicy, delicately sweet scent of the wood develops as it burns up. Allow to simmer in a fireproof bowl.

  • Gemstone: labradorite
  • Dimensions: approx. 7 - 10 cm
  • Note: Stones vary slightly in size and color
  • Optionally with incense: white sage or palo santo, only suitable for external use