Sensual gemstone chains and natural smoked goods

Sinnliche Edelsteinketten und naturreine Räucherware

Glittrlve - Gymbag / Backpack Holographic

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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The next festival can come - just let yourself go, close your eyes and dance - this cool holographic gym bag will accompany you everywhere. Everything you need fits in. The wonderfully shimmering, holographic material duly accompanies you and amazes you again and again. Even a rain shower cannot harm the bag - the material is waterproof and of course vegan.

  • Dimensions: 41x33 cm
  • wonderfully shimmering, stable material
  • convenient for travel, beach, vacation, festival, party
  • waterproof
  • vegan

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Be ready for you next festival with this cool gym bag by your side. Close your eyes and just dance and enjoy. The shiny cool material attends you condignly while you are wild and free and leaves you amazed from time to time. You have everything you need with you in this cool gym bag. It is even water repellent and of course vegan.

  • measures: 41x33 cm
  • wonderfully shiny, durable material
  • for travel, vacation, on the beach, festivals, party
  • rain save
  • vegan