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Aroma lamp and incense burner with golden flower of life

Designer: Crystal and Sage

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Aroma lamp and incense burner made of marble for incense, incense resins and essential oils

Perfect for gently burning incense and other resins such as dammar or incense blends such as our organic incense blend "Love and Harmony". The incense is not burned with the incense burner, but gently heated by the candle. Essential oils can be evaporated in the glass bowl.

For powdery or easily combustible incense, you can place an empty tea light on the sieve. The sieve can be cleaned.

  • Marble incense burner and aroma lamp with golden flower of life
  • Height 10cm
  • Width 9cm
  • Material Marble
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Comes with a sieve for incense and a bowl for essential oils
  • For gentle smoking without coal (with tea light)
  • Including shipping costs within Germany