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Organic Incense Love and Harmony

Designer: Crystal and Sage

106,00 kr
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Wonderful organic incense blend of organic lavender and rose blossoms. This high-quality incense strengthens the loving bond and mutual consideration. Smoking creates a mild, floral and slightly balsamic scent. The transforming ritual of incense has a heart-opening, relaxing effect with this incense.

Ideal for burning in the annual circle, on Samhain, on the rough nights, during women's circles or for moon ceremonies and retreats.

  • Organic incense blend of lavender and rose blossoms
  • Dammar, myrrh and white sandalwood from wild growth
  • All-natural, without additives, fair, vegan, free of animal testing
  • In an ecological glass tube with a cork stopper
  • Net content: 26 g
  • Including shipping costs within Germany