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Aventurine triangle necklace gold plated

Designer: Crystal and Sage Jewelry

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Aventurine gemstone necklace as a triangle

Aventurine triangle crystal necklace with a gold-plated aventurine on the edge of an approximately 45 cm long, real gold-plated curb chain

Each piece is unique.

Overview Aventurine necklace

  • Dimensions pendant: approx. 2 cm
  • 45 cm long gold-plated curb chain
  • Gemstone from Brazil from fair production
  • A map of the effects of aventurine is included
  • Use the diverse effects of aventurine on the go, at work, etc.

Effect of the Aventurine Crystal Chain

Aventurine has a calming and relaxing effect and enhances humor and a positive attitude towards life. The ancient Greeks believed that aventurine brought courage and fresh optimism, ambition and determination to its wearer. An aventurine necklace encourages the desire for something new.

Meaning crystal chain as a triangle

The triangle as a geometric symbol stands for a unit - for body, soul and spirit in connection with the effect of the healing stone. A gemstone chain as a triangle pointing up achieves increasing meaning. The triangle of crystals points towards heaven, and thus also into the spiritual world.